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How much will you save on your land?

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Sectional Control Technology

Reduce costs by 10-15% or more depending on the width of your toolbar, the variability of your land and moisture conditions. Save on both seed and fertilizer. Eliminate overlaps on headlands. Reduce overlaps when seeding around sloughs, potholes and bush. Finish the final path with less overlap.

Precise placement increases yield an average 10.8%.*

The Seed Hawk Opener System provides unparalleled seed and fertilizer placement accuracy for fast, uniform emergence and consistently higher yields.
* Based on independent survey of Seed Hawk owners by the U of S CAMA Student Chapter when asked to compare to their previous seeding system.

Toolbars & Tanks

Bigger tanks and wide toolbars give you the capacity to keep going with fewer fills and more acres seeded in a day.

SCT Only seed what you need to seed.
Opener Making every seed and fertilizer granule count.
Toolbars & Tanks Cover more ground more quickly.

Farm Show Contest Winners Announced

Langbank, SK (October 31, 2014) Congratulations to Robert Ivison and Dave Giffer, winners of the Tempo® High Speed Planter contest at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. Robert won an Ontario weekend...

New Tempo High Speed Planter Available at Quebec Dealership

Langbank, SK (October 7, 2014) Quebec farmers can speed up next year’s planting season with the latest high speed precision planter from Väderstad. The Tempo® High Speed Planter is now available,...

Record Yield on Record Field

October 7, 2014 (Pleven, Bulgaria) As previously reported, 756 acres of sunflower were planted in April 2014 during a 24-hour race in Bulgaria with a high speed Tempo planter at an average speed of...
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How much will you save on your land?

The new SCT Savings Simulator™ is a “self-serve” virtual seeding system that allows you to choose a quarter or section of your own land and customize your inputs. The simulator “seeds” the land of your choice using Sectional Control® technology and calculates the potential savings. 



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